Beginners Guide to HOA Finance, Budgeting, and Accounting

homeowner association accounting

The major sections of an income statement are the heading, the revenue section, the expense section, and the final calculation of a profit or loss. The heading should contain the name of the association, the title of the statement, and the period covered by the statement. No organization can work smoothly without the proper management of its financials.

  • This means you can access your company’s data from any device at any time.
  • This becomes a big problem when a financial issue you must handle arises.
  • Keep in mind that there are certain bankruptcy laws that protect bankrupt homeowners.
  • Our sophisticated automatic payment system collects the exact balance due and is automatically cancelled when the property is transferred.
  • This type of accounting is usually considered superior because it offers the most complete overview of the HOA’s financial status compared to the modified accrual or cash methods.

Accrual Accounting is expensive because in many cases, the bookkeepers need to make entries based upon projected expenses, and then come back later and adjust them. The exact amount of the billing is generally unknown until the invoice from the utility company actually arrives. Then, when they actually receive the March/April bill, they need to go back and make adjusting HOA accounting entries so that the actual March expenses are shown on the Financial Statements.

Solutions to HOA Problems

The accrual basis method offers this advantage without compromising as long as the books remain open for two weeks after the end of the accounting period to record expenses in the correct period. Being a member of an HOA board means you’re involved in homeowners association accounting. If you’re not prepared hoa accounting for the job, the financial reports and records you’ll have to go through — many of which will be inaccurate — can become overwhelming. It’s necessary to analyze and decipher this documentation in order to prepare your homeowners association for bankruptcy, maintenance, and repair to the common areas.

There is no such thing as “Modified Accrual Accounting” under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). It is a term used in the Common Interest Development industry to mean an accounting method where income is realized on an accrual basis (when it is earned) and expenses on a cash basis (when bills are received). Posting expenses when you get bills from the vendors is actually a cash method of HOA accounting – but over the year averages out close enough that the financials have meaning. Though reports are a major facet that helps you track and begin the path to a financially respectable HOA, all this reporting will be for naught if you do not properly manage your bank accounts and assets.

What rights does a homeowner have against an HOA?

Thus, it’s important for board members to understand which method the association will use. As a board member you have a fiduciary responsibility to exercise due care and diligence when overseeing the community and its funds. The following four condo / HOA financial reports are vital tools for protection of association assets, control and planning. Hire a company such as CSM to provide financial management assistance. It also gives community members peace of mind when there is accurate and efficient management of finances.

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