Best Payroll Services for Small Businesses of 2023

best payroll solutions for small businesses

While we were impressed at the breadth of features and level of customizability Rippling offers, we wished the platform had more transparency about its pricing. Ease of use and customer support are commonly cited perks of SurePayroll, but the downsides are the lack of software integrations and difficulty handling multistate employees. Remote Payroll is best for businesses with employees and contractors in multiple countries. “When it comes to Paychex, the personal touch is nice …. Having Paychex as my payroll service just makes my life a lot easier. Never had any problem with any tax issues or anything.” Whether you’re looking to start outsourcing to a payroll provider for small business or thinking about switching payroll companies, Paychex makes it fast and easy.

  • It’s a PEO that acts as a co-employer that handles your day-to-day HR, payroll, and benefits administration tasks.
  • Employers—or your accountant, bookkeeper or HR employee—set up benefits and salaries for employees and, on some platforms, contractors.
  • Oracle HCM’s integration with ERP systems opens doors to advanced analytics, allowing businesses to harness data-driven insights for workforce planning, recruitment and talent management.
  • Rippling and many other vendors require you to request a customized quote —  though we appreciate that highly customized plans can be challenging to price.
  • There are tools to process absence, bonuses, expenses, holiday pay, pensions and student loans.

Always review the terms before signing up for a new payroll service and request written clarification for any fees that seem out of place. A payroll platform provides a dashboard with a tab or menu for payroll functions. It often pulls data like wage rates and benefit deduction amounts from your database, so you won’t need to enter this information every pay period. For example, suppose you use a payroll service with built-in time-tracking like Homebase or integrate it with your point-of-sale (POS) system. In that case, the payroll software will automatically sync employees’ work hours into the pay period and auto-populate the fields for an accurate payout come payday.

Additional payroll processing and service fees

It’s great for tech-heavy companies, given the IT solutions that allow you to manage the devices and work-related apps that are usually provided to employees. A way around these potential headaches is to keep the systems the company implements as simple and well-integrated into workflows as possible. Simplified HR software enhances efficiency by streamlining administrative tasks, reducing manual data entry, and automating routine processes. This not only saves time but also minimizes the risk of errors, ensuring accurate record-keeping and payroll processing. Small businesses have specific payroll needs thanks to challenges such as growing headcount, limited resources, and a lack of internal payroll expertise. The right payroll system streamlines payroll processing, ensures compliance with federal, state, and local tax laws, and provides features tailored to small businesses.

  • Like all Intuit products, its user interface and navigation tools are simple and understandable.
  • Best of all, the free version integrates with leading point-of-sale (POS) systems, including Square, Lightspeed and Clover.
  • When narrowing down on the best payroll software for small business, we looked for useful and reliable features, like unlimited payroll runs, easy employee and administrative access, and a simple interface.
  • Its payroll processing features include unlimited pay runs, automated tax payments and filings, multiple pay rates and schedules and customized reporting.

However, you have to contact TimeTrex to discuss your requirements and software implementation options—either cloud-hosted or installed directly on your computer servers. Based on the quote we received, monthly fees for its cloud-hosted version start at $3 per employee. Meanwhile, the on-site hosted version costs $35.88 per employee yearly.

Test payroll platforms before transferring your data

Gusto is best suited to small businesses and novice payroll managers, thanks to its usability, understandable workflow, and company support. But the app is capable of serving larger companies, and its scalability makes it possible for businesses to grow with it. Several payroll service providers, including OnPay, QuickBooks Payroll and Patriot, guarantee accuracy and cover fines or penalties resulting from an error on their side.

best payroll solutions for small businesses

And, while some had all-inclusive pricing, many only offered some features for an additional fee. While Payroll4Free offers free payroll plans, the company charges various fees for additional services. Perhaps most notable is that you must pay $35 per month for each additional 25-employee increment beyond the first 25 employees covered for free. It also has other add-on costs, such as a $30 fee for depositing and filing taxes for your business. We researched nearly two dozen of the best payroll services based first on the combination of features and pricing. At a minimum all payroll services needed to offer a way to automatically track time, calculate payroll and taxes, direct deposit your employee’s pay, and provide end-of-year tax documents.


However, others offer free accounting, invoicing, employee management, time tracking or scheduling tools, yet charge base and per-employee fees for payroll software. Although Payroll4Free doesn’t have built-in time-tracking like Homebase Payroll, Nonprofit Bookkeeper vs Accountant Who Should You Hire? it integrates with any time clock software that allows data export. Connecting Payroll4Free to a time clock system lets you sync worked hours to payroll. In addition, Payroll4Free offers payroll tax services for $25 monthly or $250 annually.

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